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There are lots of change methodologies to choose from to help you undertake your workforce transformation.  These are some of the change tools, methodologies and training that have been tried and tested by us which we think you may find useful when undertaking your workforce transformation.   We’ve brought them together into a Toolkit that you can download and use with your team.  Here, you can find information about tools and training that will  support your workforce transformation project by teaching you the skills you need to investigate your problem, discover a solution, and design and plan the transformation.

You will also find details on free online learning in workforce and behaviour transformation.  You and your team can access this to help equip the whole team with the skills to create sustainable change.  To access some of these courses, you will need to open an account with e-learning for health

The Workforce Transformation Toolkit has been designed to bring you the key information you will need when you are considering undertaking any workforce transformation. It can help you clarify what transformation method may be most appropriate for your challenge and link you to this.

Download our Workforce Hub Toolkit 

We have collated a range of transformation skills training opportunities for you to help you lead your transformation with confidence. From self-taught, e-learning modules to whole-team approaches that will equip you with the skills tackle the design, planning and delivery of your project.

HEE Star

The HEE Star model has been designed by NHS England workforce transformation specialists to support healthcare teams to diagnose, plan and implement workforce challenges and solutions. The Model helps you understand your workforce requirements, and provides you with a range of solutions to meet your needs.

The process takes you through the transformation process step by step to help identify solutions to your skill mix challenges.  There may be HEE Star Practitioners in your organisation and we can put you in touch with them to help you facilitate your diagnostic workshops.  You can find more information about the HEE Star.


The Clinically-Led WorkforcE & Activity Redesign programme is an MDT based intensive approach to designing and owning your own solutions to your workforce challenges.

The programme, designed by clinicians, focuses on the sustainability of teams shaping and implementing their own workforce solutions.  It’s an intensive whole-team work based learning programme, that gives teams the skills and ability to analyse and understand their own data and to then design their own new models of care.

The CLEAR team and the NHSE Transformation Team will join your teams to take a deep dive into your services, understand your issues and your performance, and work with you to do devise a range of solutions that you will then implement.  You can find further information about how a CLEAR programme can help with your workforce transformation on the CLEAR website.

Calderdale Framework 

The Calderdale Framework is a team-based workforce redesign process. It’s clinician-led, with a focus on improving how healthcare teams deliver patient-centred care through reviews of skill mix, and the development of new roles and new ways of working. This methodology brings together all the members of the team to improve services for patients.

Find more information on the framework.

HEE Star Roles 

The HEE Star Roles explorer is for anyone who is leading workforce redesign in the NHS and social care. It provides you with a range of descriptions of new roles and their function. When you’re reviewing your skill mix; develop and extend roles, you can find inspiration and advice to help you review .

You can explore the capabilities, training requirements and career frameworks for the different roles you are considering and find new roles that you may not have encountered.  The roles library is hosted on FutureNHS website, you will need to apply for free membership before you can access it.


6 Step Model for Workforce Planning 

The 6 Step Model for Workforce Planning is a tool that is widely used in planning for health and social care services. The programme is made up of six steps which will guide you and your team through the principles and activities of planning.

You can access free training in how to use this tool online. It is aimed at everyone engaged in service redesign, restructure and reorganisation.

Access the training.

Multi-Disciplinary (MDT) Toolkit 

This is a step-by-step guide to help progress a ‘one workforce’ approach across health and social care organisations and Integrated Care Systems.

The toolkit is framed around six enablers of MDT working and focuses on the planning and design of the transformation, the culture of the team, its shared goals and objectives, and how to work and communicate successfully across boundaries.

This toolkit complements other transformation tools, and it’s aimed at those who are working in collaboration with other teams, and across boundaries with other organisations in their system.

Access the toolkit.

COM-B Model 

The COM-B model for behaviour change helps to identify what needs to change in order for a behaviour change intervention to be successful. The model focuses on three key components for successful change; Capability, Opportunity, Motivation. These factors govern the psychological and physical drivers of change and the external factors that make behaviour change possible. You can learn more about how to use this tool in the e-learning package.  There’s more information on the COM-B model on the HEE website.

Behaviour Change Development Framework 

This tool helps you and your team understand some of the behaviours that can impact and prevent successful and sustained change from taking place. You can use it to inform your own behaviour challenges, but it can also be used by workforce leaders for teams and system changes. The framework includes resources to help you start planning change; to understand behaviours and to delivery and embed change.

Access the framework.

This workspace is open to anyone interested in service change and reconfiguration. The workspace is hosted on NHS Futures and contains guidance, research, reports, and good practice for teams undertaking large scale reconfigurations in the NHS, An interactive handbook for systems working on service change, taking readers through the fundamentals of the service change process is also provided.

Service Change and Reconfiguration – Integrated Care (

eWIN is the NHS Workforce Information Network designed to enable improvements in workforce development, efficiency and productivity. eWIN provides a central place to share and access valuable workforce information, best practice, case studies and resources.

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The optimisation resource pack is a comprehensive collection of links to resources for workforce improvement.

Workforce Optimisation Resource Pack